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Rockfish and Lingcod Fishing



Remarkably ugly bottom fish, lingcod fight hard on light tackle and, despite their looks, are quite tasty (some say they are even better than Halibut). Because they are slow-growing, non-migratory and very sensitive to environmental changes, they are heavily regulated and generally rather elusive to catch.

November through April is their spawning season; they are generally catch-and-release only until July. They have no swim bladder so they are easy to release and survive quite well.

Fishing season: July-December

Bag limit: 1/day/person


Often caught while fishing for halibut, rockfish include several species such as Yellow eye, Dusky and Black rockfish. They put up a good fight for their size and are fun to catch on light tackle.

Seward is recognized as one of the best places to catch rockfish. This fish is delicious when prepared fresh, but not so good for freezing and storing.

Fishing season: Year-round

Bag limit: 3/day/person



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