Pacific Halibut is one of the most popular species for fishing in Alaska, halibut can live up to 55 years and can grow to be quite enormous - when we say "barn-door" halibut, we mean it! Trophy sizes start at 200 lbs. and a 300 lb. halibut can win tournaments... the IGFA world record is 496 lbs and there have been documented catches on commercial boats of 600+ lbs!

What to expect from your Seward halibut fishing charter.

All halibut fishing trips are full day in length and they include all the fishing gear and bait you will need. We will be right beside you to help you to understand how to land these fish when the exciting moment arises! The average halibut caught is 20-30 lbs. The good news is that these "smaller" fish are much better eating than their large counterparts.

A flat fish with a mottled brown top side and a white bottom, Pacific Halibut can put up quite a fight. The big ones are very strong... if you hook a big one, you'll never forget the experience.

Halibut features firm, white flesh that can be frozen and kept for months before eating. We can help you arrange processing of your catch if you wish.

Fishing season: May 1st through September 30th. No halibut fishing on Wednesday. 

Halibut Bag limit:  2/day/person.  One any size and a second 28" or less in size.