Small Boat Tour

The quaint city of Seward, Alaska boasts one of Alaska's most magnificent travel opportunities - Kenai Fjords National Park.

View the majestic vistas of Resurrection Bay and the surrounding Kenai Fjords out of our spacious and comfortable charter boats. Huge walls of glacial ice rise from the protected waters, towering above the boat. Hear the thunderous crash of calving glaciers, as house-sized chunks of ice slide into the ocean.

Kenai Fjords National Park is the jewel of the Kenai Peninsula, and all the wildlife know it. Murres, Puffins, and many other species of birds dart above their rocky nests. Puffins dive from the towering cliffs. The waters teem with marine mammals as well. Humpback and Killer (Orca) whales and porpoises sport in the waters. Sea otters and sea lions cavort through the waves.

These tours are 7 - 9 hours long depending on the vessel and all trips will depart at 8:00 AM. The trips are offered as private boat charters.  The boat is reserved for your exclusive use only, in other words, a reservation reserves the entire boat. These trips are usually the high point for visitors to South Central Alaska, and they are offered daily from May to September. Some winter cruises are also available.